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olivesOlives originally come from Mediterranean countries that have cold winters and hot summers.

The Olive has been used since ancient times for the making of olive oil and for eating of the fruit, which, being bitter in its natural state, are typically subjected to fermentation or cured with lye or brine to be made more palatable. The olive tree grows very slowly, but over many years the trunk can attain a considerable diameter. They will grow in any soil as long as it is moisture retentive and well drained. They do, however, require a lot of sunshine to enable the fruits to ripen. The main determinants of olive oil flavour are maturity, variety, cleanliness and time to milling. Olives picked a week apart for the same tree can have strikingly different flavour profiles. Like any tree fruit, more mature olives will have more sweet and fruity notes through the development of alcohols, esters and aldehydes. Fruit maturation will depend on temperature, sunlight and irrigation.

Our Olives are picked up in the olive groves near Bari in the Italian region of Puglia. They are preserved in brine and aromatized with the wild and rare Murgia's seeds that grow especially in this region.

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