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  Frozen Fish (Mediterranean)

Scilian Red PrawnThe Red Prawn, also called Aristeus Antennatus lives between 200 and 1000 m beneath the sea and eats mainly decomposed animal and vegetable organisms. It lives in the Mediterranean Sea, especially near the Italian coast. The most famous is the Royal Prawn. It comes in four different sizes: number 1 is the biggest (12 cm long), and most expensive. Number 4 is the smallest.

How to fish it:
Fish itIt is caught by using fishing nets attached to boats. The boats can remain at sea for several days, as they are equipped with special containers to preserve the prawn.

OctopusThe Octopus, also called Octopus Vulgaris, reaches 24 – 36 inches in length. The arms are lined with suckers. The skin is smooth and has special pigment cells that make it possible for the octopus to blend in with the surroundings. These pigment cells have three bags filled with different colours, which are adjusted until the background is matched. Colouration reflects the octopus mood. White is for fear, red is for anger, and brown is the usual colour. The octopus has no internal skeleton. Its closest relative is the Chambered Nautilus, Cuttlefish and Squid. The Common Octopus is an active nocturnal predator that feeds mainly on crustaceans, fish and bivalves. The Common Octopus is found worldwide in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters. It prefers coastal waters, and can live both in the shallows and down to depths of 500 feet.

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