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ClamThe Clam is a shellfish. The shell is white or yellow and smooth. It eats whatever it can find in the sea-water (small vegetable organisms or animals). The maximum length it can reach is 5 cm, but on average the clams that are normally fished are around 2.5 to 3.5 cm. It is possible to find it in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, especially near the Italian coast.

How to fish it:
Fish ClamsThe Clam is caught by using a special boat called " Vongolare ". It has a special machine to dig into the sand and capture all the organisms in that part of sea.


ClamThe Mussel is a shellfish. The shell is lengthened and black. Inside the colour is purple or white, depending on the sex and the reproduction cycle. The mussel eats plankton and other organic particles in the water.

The maximum length it can reach is 11 cm, but the average is usually around 6 cm. The mussel attaches itself to rocks. Its specific shape and structure prevents waves dragging it away from its environment.

How to fish it:
The mussels are mainly cultivated. Only a small number are caught naturally.

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